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“Thank you Gangaji for the greatest gift of my life. Freedom is always here, no matter what. I take this love which has awakened and grows each day without conditions, as a continuance of the grace that can be found anywhere, at any time." - Program participant



Freedom Inside


The Gangaji Foundation Prison Program is a source of inspiration for all – inside or out. Together, prisoners, volunteers and donors have made this program flourish since it began in 1994.


In January 2017, we launched a new course by mail for prisoners called Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry.


Right now the course serves over 300 prisoners in prisons across the US. Each month participants receive an issue of the course through the mail. It serves to support the men and women living behind bars is discovering the depth of true freedom that is already alive inside each of us.


In May 2019, thirty prison program volunteers and donors gathered with Gangaji, Kenny Johnson and the GF staff to explore how we can deepen and expand the program's reach and impact. Along with expanding the number of prisoners and prisons using Gangaji's Freedom Inside course, we feel ready to start facilitating groups inside prisons using the Freedom Inside curriculum. We are also working with Kenny to develop a peer-to-peer post-release program. See an excerpt from the conversation.



More about the Prison Program


Books, Audios & Videos by Request
We respond to every written request we receive for books, audios and videos. Every book is provided free of charge. We also reach out to the chaplains in prison facilities to make our books, audio and video recordings available in prison libraries.


Correspondence Program

Our correspondence program matches prisoners and volunteers in letter writing, giving everyone the opportunity to connect and share their spiritual insights and deepen in the discovery of the true self.


You can support the prison program as a volunteer and donor.


All support is welcome and appreciated.



Workbook No. 1 Available for Prisoners

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