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The Oasis

Welcome to Gangaji’s Video Streaming Library

is dedicated to the global community and seeks to serve our collective and individual discovery of the peace alive in the core of all being. We invite you to gather at The Oasis for inspiration, support, and community connection.

$15 / month for unlimited access. $10 / month if you are also a member of Gangaji's Live Webcast

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Oasis Magazine

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an online magazine that invites
you to rest and be nourished.
Watch, read, and listen as you
fall into deep inquiry with yourself. Sneak Peak...

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Did you miss a retreat or meeting with Gangaji?

If you missed an event with Gangaji and would like to “attend” via recorded video, now you can. With a one-time fee, instantly access the recordings of Gangaji’s public meetings, weekends, and retreats. Select an event from the available list, and watch instantly on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The Oasis FAQs

“How can I watch on my TV?” and answers to other
important questions.