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About Scholarships


The Gangaji Foundation’s scholarship program serves those who have a deep calling to be with Gangaji, but do not have the financial means to attend a retreat or weekend with Gangaji, or participate in her monthly live online program, Live with Gangaji. Scholarships provide many with the extraordinary opportunity to gather with others in a setting that supports the direct recognition of the true peace alive at the core of every heart. Scholarships are funded through donations, fundraising events, and fees charged at events.

A limited number of full and partial scholarships are awarded for each event. The criteria used for awarding scholarships include a strong commitment to be with Gangaji, a serious financial need, and the amount of funds available in the scholarship program.

If you have a deep desire to attend an event, but are unable to because of financial considerations, the Gangaji Foundation offers full and partial scholarships for retreats and weekends with Gangaji.

Click here to see closing and notification dates for scholarships.

Click here to apply for a scholarship for a Weekend or Retreat

Click here to apply for a scholarship for Live with Gangaji, Gangaji's Live Online Program


Note: Scholarships applications are reviewed by our volunteer scholarship committee. We want to assure you that applications are kept strictly confidential.